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December 26, 2009

Poor product testing is bad for business and VERY expensive

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Poor product testing allowed a software defect to reach production, creating a very expensive problem for Sears and LG Electronics USA.    Several new Sears Kenmore models had software defects which prevented effective cleaning.  This apparently was not discovered until Consumer Reports did their usual rigorous and objective evaluation of the washing in comparison with other products.  So, why did Consumer Report’s testers detect the poor washing performance before Sears or LG did? (more…)

December 20, 2009

Code Contracts speed problem resolution

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The faster you diagnose the problem, the sooner you can fix it. The sooner it is fixed, the sooner your project is completed and the sooner you realize business value. Code Contracts make diagnosis faster and easier because they provide better information than code without them. (more…)

December 18, 2009

Code Contracts improve Microsoft CRM Workflow code

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Producing reliable, supportable software is hard. Providing reliability when integrating various different platforms poses even more challenges. Aggressive use of Code Contracts can substantially improve reliability, and speed the diagnosis and resolution of problems. Let’s see how the use of contracts is especially helpful when integrating custom workflow code into Microsoft CRM Workflows.


December 7, 2009

Code Contracts presentation

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The attachment contains several lessons on contract programming with Microsoft Code Contracts.  It is intended for use in presenting basic concepts of code contracts by someone experienced with the concepts and technologies. 

If you are giving presentation on these topics, you are free to use these resources and adapt them.

Although it is not designed to be a self-paced tutorial,  those who are new to code contracts may find it educational.

December 1, 2009

My Journey with Contract Programming

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In the 1980’s, I studied Pascal, and then Modula-2, in an effort to find ways to improve reliability in software. At the time, I was very frustrated with the poor quality software. It seemed that defects were expected and accepted, producing a very frustrating experience for users.

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