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March 20, 2010

Code Contracts March 2010 Release improves code coverage

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In previous releases, if you used code contracts and code coverage, your code coverage might be understated due to distortions in the analysis of the code inserted by the code contracts rewriter.

I tested the new version and it fixes this. So now, code coverage behaves as I expect. If you see partial coverage in some contracts, remember to write automated tests to exercise those alternate paths that cause contract failure.

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March 9, 2010

Code Contracts Enhance Systems Integration

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Integration of software systems is a challenging job. Our company has several systems that are connected.  I have observed  that adding Microsoft Code Contracts improves the speed of diagnosing problems, and improves the readability of our integration code.  I noticed this when we wrote custom workflow activity code, and installed it within our Microsoft CRM system. I wrote about that in an earlier article.

 This article describes the same benefit applied to another integration point. (more…)

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