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January 29, 2013

Update on treadmill desk use

Filed under: Health and Exercise — David Allen @ 7:34 pm

I have now been using my treadmill desks for over a year. I have continued to use it on and off throughout the year. I find that sometimes I’m in the mood for walking and sometimes I’m not. So I keep an ordinary desk next to the treadmill desk so I can sit down when I feel tired. It’s funny how you get used to something. I often have breakfast standing up and walking on the treadmill desk while I read the news. This is not as difficult as you would think since I’m normally going a half a mile an hour.

As usual, I’m dictating this post while I’m strolling on the treadmill. I seem to have adapted to the equipment totally. I can step on and off of it with comfort and confidence even while it is moving. I’m not recommending this. That’s a legal disclaimer so somebody does not sue me. I’m not responsible for any accidents you have because you may be uncoordinated.

At this point, I really don’t have anything dramatic or interesting to report. I use the treadmill desk sometimes. And sometimes I don’t. It works just fine. I hardly think about it anymore.

Just to set your expectations to a realistic level: I’ve not lost any weight since I bought the treadmill desk and started using it. However, if it really is bad for you to sit down for several hours every evening after sitting at a desk job most of the day, then this treadmill desk is a good thing for me. It allows me to read the news, check my email, and possibly read a book online or watch a movie while taking a stroll.

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