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January 19, 2015

SSD Drives really are fast – and Ideal for Hyper-V storage

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I just bought a new SSD (Solid State Drive). It’s a Samsung 850 EVO – 500 GB from MicroCenter.

OMG! I had no idea how fast it could be.

Yes, I just bought a computer with the same SSD as the boot drive. And yes, I noticed it seems to respond faster. However, I was setting up some virtual machines in Hyper-V and I did not have enough space to use my primary SSD. So, at first, I used my platter drive. As usual, I found the VMs sluggish and unpleasant to work in. So I thought, “Heck, I’ll go get another of these fancy SSD things and speed it up.”

So I did, and it did. It is now scary fast. I have never felt so much joy in a VM before. Only a geek will understand this.

To achieve it I made sure every step of the interface was optimized:

1) it is using the AHCI interface which is faster than the RAID interface my motherboard requires of my boot drive.

2) I ran the Samsung Magician software that came with it and that software appeared to to turn on some caching.

So, if you do a lot with virtualization, or want to, I highly recommend you spend a few bucks and store the virtual drives on an SSD, and take the time to use whatever optimization tools the vendor offers. You will be amazed!

By the way, I have Windows 8.1 on my new home PC (the PowerSpec 501). And delightfully, it allows me to install Hyper-V and setup Windows Server 2012 R2 images, Linux images, etc… So I can run a consumer desktop OS and host server OSs as needed to learn new technologies.

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