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May 13, 2015

Azure Storage – Premium Storage Only Works with Page Blobs

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I play to learn. My latest test was educational, and I’m sharing it in case others encounter it.

I ran into problems while playing around with Premium blob storage. I was testing blob storage, comparing performance between Regular and Premium storage, while uploading a 5 MB file. I found my error. I was trying to use block blobs on Premium storage, and only Page Blobs are permitted. But I did not realize that at first. Here was my diagnostic path, with errors to help others who may make the same mistake and search for the errors.


May 3, 2015

Azure Updates Improve automation, integration, security and more

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Azure continues to gain power. I am amazed at the speed and relevance of the improvements. Here is my summary of the benefits described in the April blog article:

Taken together, these features improve ease of automation, expand integration with third-party services including open-source, and improve security and financial tracking which are essential to enterprise adoption.


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