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May 3, 2015

Azure Updates Improve automation, integration, security and more

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Azure continues to gain power. I am amazed at the speed and relevance of the improvements. Here is my summary of the benefits described in the April blog article:

Taken together, these features improve ease of automation, expand integration with third-party services including open-source, and improve security and financial tracking which are essential to enterprise adoption.


Azure Templates defined

“Most applications that are designed to run in Microsoft Azure use a combination of resources (such as a database server, database, or website) to perform as designed. An Azure Resource Manager Template makes it possible for you to deploy and manage these resources together by using a JSON description of the resources and associated deployment parameters.”

From <>

Summary of Improvements



IT Goals Supported

Specific dependency chains

Allows one resource to be created based on results from another resource. This increases the range of complexity we can automate in Azure templates.

Automation -> Efficiency -> Agility, Economy, and Reliability

VM Extensions

Allows deployment of a wide set of technologies directly on to a Virtual Machine at any point in the lifecycle of the VM. These extensions may be from Microsoft or third parties

Third-party services -> Efficiency -> Agility, Economy, and Reliability

Additional partners in the Azure ecosystem

VM Extensions enable vendors to more easily offer services for consumption by developers.

Third-party services -> Efficiency -> Agility, Economy, and Reliability

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Control access to Azure resources to improve security. Examples might be to grant all developers rights to resources for development but only allow lead developers to deploy to production.

Security -> Reliability and Continuity

Tagging, Tracking and Billing

Track usage by various dimensions to enable cost management. (e.g. by product team, by production vs development)

Budgeting and Financial tracking -> Economy

Hybrid Consistency

All the cool benefits above are available whether you are using privately hosted or public clouds. Partners like Dell and others are building tooling to support this.

Efficiency, Agility

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