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June 26, 2015

TFS Build 2015 – Using the new build definition

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This article records step-by-step how to create a new build definition using TFS Build 2015, and publish a website to a Microsoft Azure Web Site from an on-premises build agent. It also describes how to create custom build pools.

TFBuild 2015 is a huge transformation in how we use TFS to build solutions. It integrates with Visual Studio Online. But it also supports your favorite build tools like Ant, Maven, MSBuild and many more. It also supports a variety of scripting languages like DOS, PowerShell, bash Shell Script. This is a powerful testimony to Microsoft’s efforts to embrace cross-platform tools. You can read an Overview of Team Foundation Build 2015 at
“How did I find out about this?” I was wandering around my local Visual Studio 2015 RC desktop, when I noticed two different types of builds. I saw “Build Definitions” and “XAML Build Definitions” and wondered what the difference was. I created a new Build Definition, and was transported to my VSO (Visual Studio Online) build tab, where they had a message

“We’ve built a new, scriptable build system that’s web-based and cross-platform. See vsopreview for documentation.”

So I clicked the vsopreview link and read about the wonders of this new build technology. Let’s create a build definition that will publish a website to Microsoft Azure. (more…)

June 25, 2015

Can’t resolve the environment variable %VS140COMNTOOLS% to an existing path

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I recently tried to install NDepend ( version 6 to my home machine.

Visual Studio Extension Installer for Visual Studio 2013 worked just fine.

Visual Studio Extension Installer for Visual Studio 2015 failed with an error caused by a mis-configuration of my machine shown below.

Visual NDepend

Can’t install NDepend Visual Studio 2015 extension.

Reason: Can’t run VSlXlnstaller.exe to install NDepend Visual Studio

2015 extension.

Reason: Can’t find the path to the file VSlXlnstaller.exe

Reason: Can’t resolve the environment variable %VS140COMNTOOLS% to an existing path.

I examined my environment variables (by issuing the SET command from a DOS prompt) and noticed that my VS140COMNTOOLS pointed to a path on the R drive that no longer existed. This was a side-effect of having previously installed Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise RC on the “R” drive, uninstalling it, and re-installing it on the “C” drive. Apparently the reinstallation did not replace or update the environment variable.   Once I corrected the path (using System, Advanced, Environment Variables) to point to the valid location, C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE, I had no trouble installing the Visual Studio Extension for 2015. This is an odd situation, and I only include it here in case someone else has uninstalled and re-installed their Visual Studio to another drive at some point. Perhaps searching for this error will help.

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