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March 27, 2016

Transient Fault Handling is easy with Polly

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If you deal with real-world systems, and you value availability, you will want a strategy for handling transient faults. As we move to a greater reliance on services and microservices, we have a greater responsibility to consider such strategies to maintain adequate availability of our solutions.

There are several frameworks out there to help with this in .Net. But the one I like best is Polly.

Scott Hansleman did a great post on it.

I like it because the syntax is very clean and intentional.

You can choose another framework, or roll your own. But you can’t ignore this without leaving your users vulnerable to outages. If the outages are limited in time and occasional, why not just RETRY?




March 23, 2016

New Service Fabric Case Study

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The Azure Service Fabric Team Blog has a new case study of a customer using Service Fabric:¬† It provides great detail on the application architecture and the advantages of Service Fabric that are leveraged, but it speaks less¬†about the organizational transformation that was involved. (more…)

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