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January 26, 2017

Presentation to Minnesota IT Services on DevOps

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On Jan 26, 2017, Tom Robbins and I lead a three-hour presentation and discussion on DevOps, for 60 employees of Minnesota IT. This session was part of a broader set of events, organized by Minnesota IT Services, to help employee’s learn valuable new skills and make connections with one another. The training will help these employees as they seek to move their agencies forward, and promote a culture of collaboration. And it is essential in helping Minnesota IT connect Minnesotan’s to the important services they need from the state.

Attendees represented several Minnesota state agencies, including Health and Human Services, Public Safety, and others. Both Tom and I presented. We took over an hour of questions from the audience, indicating a high degree of engagement with the topic and presentation. There was a tremendous interest in the DevOps concepts and practices. We found that the state employees face many of the same issues we face at Be The Match in streamlining delivery of solutions.

It was an honor to be able to speak with the employees of Minnesota IT Services. It’s fun to meet the dedicated professionals behind the many services on which we depend. Our thanks to Jim Kellison, Strategic Recruitment Director, who invited us to speak.

And thanks to our company, Be The Match, for allowing us to take time away from work to deliver the presentation and collaborate with employees of MN.IT.

The slides from our talk can be found at

DevOps Slides – Part 1 – David Allen

DevOps – Part 2 – Tom Robbins

One suggestion I received was that our talk would have been even more effective if we had included a speaker with operations experienced (Tom and I are both developers). This is a great observation, and as our own journey with DevOps evolves, I will look for the opportunity to engage one of our infrastructure partners in future talks.

The session description is below.

Session name and description

DevOps Case Study – Good, Bad and Ugly: DevOps can help IT deliver better solutions. As IT workers, whether in government or industry, we all strive to deliver solutions that meet the needs of our users and customers. Expectations of our consumers are higher than ever, while cyber security threats continue to increase. How are software developers and operations teams responding to these challenges? This session will provide an overview of modern software delivery practices, with a focus on DevOps. We will conclude with a case study of how we are doing this at Be The Match – the good, the bad, and the ugly. There will be time for Questions and Answers at the end of the session so please bring your toughest questions!

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