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July 2, 2018

Deploying Salesforce Change Sets – One at a time

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I ran into an annoyance while deploying a Change Set today.

It appears, to my observation, that one cannot deploy a changeset to several target environments at one time.

I had a simple change set: I added a custom field, type= Rollup Summary, on a child object.

I had several sandboxes I wanted to send the change to. So I uploaded to the first change set to my first Salesforce sandbox. It displayed messages on the screen, indicating the change set was on its way.

I then tried to upload the change set from the original sandbox to another, I got this error:
An internal server error has occurred.

At this point, I waited, hoping the first change set would succeed in uploading. It did. I got a confirmation email. Then I was able to upload the same change set to the second sandbox.

I thought this might have been a transient error. So I did the same thing with another change set, and got the same error on the second upload.

So from now on, I’ll wait until one change set is uploaded before uploading the second. Once we retire some of these sandboxes and shrink our environment portfolio, this won’t be  an issue because a normal deployment practice will be to upload only to one sandbox, and test there before going to another. But at this point, I have multiple sandboxes that are parallel in the promotion path.


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