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March 3, 2012

Successful Large Scrum Project

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From 2009 – 2010, the US Veterans Administration built a system called the Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS).  It reportedly used agile methods including Scrum and appears to have been a success. Here are some links for further information.

Early report mentions agile. Budget is in the ballpark of $100 Million.

A VA press release from January 31, 2011 indicates the system was launched successfully thanks to agile methods

The Linked-In profile of a person working on the project indicates that there were 12 Scrum teams involved. I am not citing that out of respect for his privacy as I do not know him. Though you should be able to find it by searching linked in for terms ‘VBMS’ ‘agile’

November 21, 2011

Branching and Merging Strategies

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Earlier this year, I assisted a company in designing a simple source code branching and merging plan. But of course, I  have learned some things since that time. I just returned from the Microsoft ALM Conference, and I want to offer some additional insight into branching and merging. (updated 11/25/2011 after further reflection to strengthen defense of the Basic Plan recommendation) (more…)

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