Garage Door Spring Color Code Chart

Garage Door Spring Color Code Chart. Blue tan white green yellow blue red brown orange. Standard torsion springs industry standard color codes gold blue yellow white brown orange red green light blue 1 figure wire diameter a.

Garage Door Springs Color Code Green Dandk Organizer
Garage Door Springs Color Code Green Dandk Organizer from

Weights of 40 lbs through 400 lbs based on dasma label standards. 35 rows garage door springs are color coded to aid in proper identification for repair, ordering. Extension spring color code chart.

Weights Of 40 Lbs Through 400 Lbs Based On Dasma Label Standards.

About the spring color coding system: Access systems manufacturers association (dasma). Measure the garage door height.

Measure 10 Coils, Write Measurement Using Decimal.

Extension spring color code chart. You can also click here to determine the length of your garage door torsion springs. Move decimal point one place to the left for wire diameter.

Standard Torsion Springs Industry Standard Color Codes Gold Blue Yellow White Brown Orange Red Green Light Blue 1 Figure Wire Diameter A.

15 rows if you need help determining the wind direction of your springs, visit this page. 470mm / 18.5 72 : For a double door use two bath scales, a foot in from each side of the opening.

Garage Door Extension Spring Color Coding.

Extension spring color code chart for garage door stretch springs 7 ft & 8 ft tall doors. Cardale blue spot spring double doors : Understanding the garage door spring color code and ensuring you garage door extension springs color code bestbabynursing com garage door torsion spring how many turns mycoffeepot org garage door extension spring tension chart com ideal.

• Length Of Spring • Type Of Ends Method #3 • Furnish Door Width And Height Example:

400mm / 15.7 78 : The main factor that causes these differences is the garage door weight. Besides this, the color code system for torsion springs is also purposed to help technicians determine the gauge or thickness of the wire.

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