P1537 Code Ford F150

P1537 Code Ford F150. The imrc is a system that uses dual intake runners to provide each cylinder with adequate air. The truck has 200k miles on it but is in good running condition otherwise.

Ford code p1537 p1538 from

In most cases, it is fine and the clip on the intake manifold is broken. Globalhelper of greg's orange auto on may 31, 2012. Runner valve code p1537 and p1538 both sides bad at same time not likely.

I Got A 97 F150 With The 4.2 V6, Automatic Transmission 2Wd.

Heres the best link i could find on the subject. 6 posts • page 1 of 1. Runner valve code p1537 and p1538 both sides bad at same time not likely.

My Ses/Cel Light Came On And As Of Today The Computer Has Presented 4 Codes.

Here is some more info for it. Its a vac diapharm located behind the eng blk against firewall. The vehicle service manual should be consulted for more information on possible causes of the fault, along with required testing.

Ford F150 Codes P1537 And P1538 What Does This Mean.

They are made of plastic. Answereddec 27, 2017by carguy1(12.2kpoints) hi there. So the car has this code p1537 (imrc stuck open b1), i took the intake off and found the runners open , the plastic piece that hold the lever is good.

So Today I Decided To Go Inch By Inch On All Vacuum Hoses.

I got the computer read out and it came up with a p1537, intake runner control stuck open. I also replaced upper manifold gasket. I found the coffee canister reservoir hoses rotted and completely disconnected.

This Code Is Usually Caused By A Sticking Intake Runner Or The Intake Runner Sensor.

Remove adjustment screw from the vacuum control (9s514) and bracket. Intake manifold runner control stuck open (bank 1) check the vacuum lines going to the back side of the upper intake.they usually get holes in them and need to be replaced. So should i just replace the actuator or is there something i can test to make sure.

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