Radon Levels In Pa By Zip Code

Radon Levels In Pa By Zip Code. Click below to get the results of your recent air chek radon test: Potential for radon levels above 4 pci/l according to epa zone 2 (2):

Pennsylvania Radon Map, Bucks county radon, Northampton county radon
Pennsylvania Radon Map, Bucks county radon, Northampton county radon from

Keep in mind, this only provides an average; The color chart to the right of each map gives the percentages. In 1995 wpb reduced a reading, pa home from 1800 p/ci/l to 3.0 pci/l.

Approximately 40 Percent Of Pennsylvania Homes Have Radon Levels Above Environmental Protection Agency's Action Guideline Of 4 Picocuries Per Liter.

Click the county name to go to the map. More info at ››. Below, you can search for the average radon levels in your county and zip code throughout the state of utah.

It Is Strongly Recommended That All Households, Schools And Office Spaces Test Radon Levels Individually.

This information is useful, because high radon levels in an area could indicate that there are. The actual level of radon in your home may be different. In 1989 wpb reduced the radon levels in a new jersey home from over 3000 pci/l to 2.2 pci/l.

Zone 3 (1 County) Zone 2 (17 Counties) Zone 1 (50 Counties) Highest Potential:

Please note that not all counties are available at this time. Somerset, pa and the 15501 zip code are located in somerset county, which has an epa assigned radon zone of 2. The epa says in 49 of 67 pennsylvania counties the predicted average indoor radon screening levels exceed federal guidelines.

Alaska (10.7) South Dakota (9.6) Pennsylvania (8.6) Ohio (7.8) Washington (7.5) Kentucky (7.4) Montana (7.4) Idaho (7.3) Colorado (6.8) Iowa (6.1) What Are Safe Radon Levels In A House?

Enter a pa zip code and click on the view report button. Compass north is the top of each map. For sussex county the percentage elevated is 2.4% with zip code areas ranging from less than 1% to 6%.

Lowest Epa Level With Expected Radon Levels At Or Below 2 Pci/L Disclaimer:

In 2004 wpb reduced a brand new home in easton from 1400 pci/l to 2.5 pci/l. Zone 3 counties (yellow) lowest radon levels on average at less than 2pci/l. Find out how high radon levels are in your area and how they vary significantly based on geographical location in the usa.

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