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January 30, 2010

Book Review of Design by Contract, by Example, by Richard Mitchell and Jim McKim

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In February, I will be giving a presentation to the Minnesota Visual Studio user group. I wanted to recommend some books that would help those who are new to contract programming practices. The only book I could think of was the legendary Object-Oriented Software Construction second edition by Bertrand Meyer.  I love that book. It was my first introduction to object-oriented programming and Design by Contract. It goes into tremendous depth on a variety of programming principles that go well beyond contracts alone. Unfortunately, the book is enormous (over 1200 pages), and can be quite intimidating to some people. I believe this size and complexity make it a poor choice for the busy professional programmer who wants to learn about contract programming practices with limited training time. So I searched the Internet, and found a book, Design by Contract, by Example, by Richard Mitchell and Jim McKim.  I recommend it for anyone who wants to learn more about the principles and practices of programming with contracts. I like the fact that the book is well organized, and easily digestible (less than 250 pages).  (more…)

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